Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bad girl Fenna

I'm on my third incarnation of Fenna. First was the caramel colored mohair fiasco,then the make a lace edging out of the handspun that you don't have enough of fiasco, now The Final, a ruffle edging with beads where I picked up the stitches. Yes it is mohair, but Fenna can bleed all she wants it ain't gonna effect the black mohair.
Today is my first spinning class. I'm a little nervous, new people, new place and all that but I'm also excited. I plied some corriedale I found at the bottom of my basket when cleaning. I spindle spun it so it is finer and more consistent. It's only 100 yds though. I'm collecting my 100yds here 50 yds there and plan to make a great shawl or some faireisle socks.


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