Thursday, August 27, 2015

15 days...

I can't believe tomorrow will be two weeks to Shindig!!!  I'm not mentally prepared! The house is upside down and I'm still getting back into the groove of kids in school!  We are painting the whole house and they are in our room right now.  It looks great but a lot of prep work for me and then a lot of after work for me but totally worth it!

While they were working in my room yesterday I got a lot of knitting and T.V. watching done!
Sons of Anarchy is my guilty pleasure.  I'm the classic good girl loves bad boy.  Sasan is no longer a bad boy but he had his moments when he was young;-) Last week the cable was out for a few days so I decided to try something on Netfix!  Big mistake, I'm so hooked!

Okay here's Rye! I will definitely get this done by the week's end!

And Birkin needs two more inches to the split!!

The project bags are my favorites!  Tangerine Designs on Etsy has the best fabrics and the sewing is impeccable!

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