Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Still spinning

I'm in love with lots of things right now. The discovery of silk has led me to finally start spinning Lisa Souza's 50/50 merino silk South Pacific I bought at Convergence. This stuff is heaven!!! It has the crunch and sheen of pure silk. I can't wait to finish it and ply it up. I'm taking suggestions for shawls on this one. I have in mind something oceaney. I would do Legends of the Shetland Sea but I think that it will be too busy. I'm thinking maybe Peacock Feathers? What do you think?

My friend Liz started an Etsy shop( and I bought some of her roving(spun yarn pics to come) and handspun sock yarn. I started knitting a sock with the handspun....I am addicted to handspun sock yarn. She magically spins perfect sock weight yarn. I'm doing a soch from Charlene Schurch's sock book. I think it's the chevon pattern. I'm so addicted and her prices are amazing for handspun!

This is my favorite holiday gift and it has an amazing story behind it. I had been wanting an orifice hook by Sheila Ernst but at this time of year it is a luxury I couldn't really afford. I kept going back to the page and looking at them and almost hit the send button one time but the old consceince got the better of me. Buying a holiday gift for my friend Jessica was easy. She had knit the Pacific Northwest Shawl earlier this year in a light celery color and Romi had a shawl stick that sported a stone in that very color. I had been looking for an excuse to get this for Jess so I grabbed it. After exchanging gifts we were shocked to learn that each had bought the other exactly what they had wanted. Here is the catch though- neither of us had told each other that we wanted these things!! Jess had gone to purchase the stick for herself and found that had been sold( to me for her!)! Crazy isn't it!!!

This is A Mary Ella bracelet from Knitty that I knit for my cousin. It is a quick addictive knit if you have a little bead and thread experience!

I'm posting as is because blogger won't let me post pics for some reason. I will try to go in later and add some.


Blogger Liz M. said...

I knew all about that beautiful hook! Jess told me about it last week! I was soooo excited for you! And Jess's taste is exquisite! I can't wait to see it in person. I can't wait to see those socks being knit in person. I'll call you later :) love ya

2:35 PM  
Blogger vanessa said...

perfect present karma:-)
what about creatures of the reef for your lisa souza south pacific?

6:55 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

What an exquisite hook! It's so nice that you and Jess both got the perfect gift. The bracelet is very pretty.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

Serendipity :)

8:53 AM  
Anonymous marti said...

What a wonderful story of gifts between friends!

8:53 AM  
Blogger June said...

What a gorgeous hook! I guess you two friends know each other perfectly! I love your Mary Ella too!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi, I saw in your archieves that you made Karis into a cape. I'm thinking about doing the same thing. How did it work out? Did you put an edging on the front edges? Do you have any modeling photos?

Drop me an email if you get a chance!

10:39 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Love the cuffed bracelet. It is just chic. Your stories about presents are neato, too and I'm trying not to be jealous! My b-day is coming up and my husband is trying to figure out what to do just now. hmmm. Am wondering if I should even give hints!

1:02 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

Hi E!
It's been a long time since I visited your blog, and it looks like you've been busy! I missed your birthday, so happy very belated wishes. I turned 50 on November 24th, and it's wonderful, except for all those AARP mailings I'm getting now. 40 was my favorite birthday so far, though...after a whole year of saying, "REALLY! I'm 39!"
Beautiful spinning and knitting, dearie.

5:34 AM  
Blogger e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Thanks Becky! I hope you had a great holiday. Happy B-day to you too. How's the the grandson doing? I bet you all are enjoying him!

5:52 AM  

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