Saturday, September 10, 2005

Been Tagged

Seems I've been tagged;-)

Ten years ago- I was fairly new to South Bend and teaching in the Title One Program on the West side at Marquette Elementary.

Five years ago -My third and(hopefully last child) was born. Very busy SAHM with three small children. Just makes me tired thinking about those days.

One year ago- Second child in Kindergarten and third in preschool-Halleluiah

Five snacks 1-chocolate
3- chocolate

Five songs I know the words to-
1 Itsy Bitsy Spider
2Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer 3 okay I know the chorus and the beginning to a thousand
4pick an old REM song or Police or something 5 Some old drinking song my mom taught me it has black sheep in it:-)

Five things I would do with a million-
1 pay off all of our debts and put a million into retirement program
2 give a million to our church
3 4&5help family members get started and pay off debt

five places to run away to
1 our family cottage
2 south of france, Nice
3 Capri
4 Malta
5 anyplace alone with my husband

five things I would never wear
1 short shorts
2 short skirts
3 anything to tight and thigh clingy
4 too much fur or leather- a little is all right
5 bad fabric or cut

five favorite TV shows
1 What not to wear
2 How do I look
3 knitty gritty
5who has time to watch tv? I was stretching with the other four, gimme a break!

five biggest joys
1 my kids
2 my hubby
3 reading and thinking about spirituality
5 spinning

favorite toys
1 knitting needles
2 spinning wheel
3 cards, I like to play with my son;-)
4 any good book
5 computer- even though I am somewhat of a luddite

I have to pass this on to five people but will do it tomorrow because I have to, luddite that I am ,find their address and put them in!


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