Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Our main computer is in time out so no pictures:-(

I'm getting along on the mystery shawl 2. and knit a cute little stole out of Lisa S. sock! in What a Melon. I love this colorway! It is hot pink and grass green on a white backround. If you grew up in Detroit you will understand what I mean by it is so Grosse pointe;-) Very Lily Pulitzer. I crocheted a net stitch backround then gave it a flouncy little edging. Hopefully someday I can post a picture with my dress.

I'm getting very itchy to start a million projects that I will never finish.

Book review- Grettings from Knit Cafe.
Im starting to guage books by how many patterns I would knit from them realistically. This is one that had a couple that I definitely would knit. There is the cutest baby blanket ever!!! Those of you who know me well know I would never knit a baby blanket but this is on my list of must do's. There is also a shoulder shawl that I am in love with-easy as pie pretty and have lots of stash to cover it!! There were also a couple of sweaters I would like but realistically Iprobably won't do and a pair of socks I probably will do. I am getting obsessed with knee socks. It seems a good alternative to other things with a jean skirt in the winter.

My sil's wedding is this weekend so you will not hear from me in two weeks for sure. My brother will be here tomorrow and we get to hang out for a few days ,hen wedding then my bil and sil and nephews will stay with us. I love them so much!! We will have so much fun:-) Then get readsy for school to start. Akkkk!!! This has been the weirdest fastest summer in history!


Blogger jenknits said...

ZOOM! That's the summer flying by. Enjoy the rest of August with your family!

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