Thursday, August 16, 2007

So many lovelies!

I have so many lovelies to show you but haven't found two minutes to rub together!!! This weekend is Michigan Fiber Fest so I won't be finding any until next week. The kids started school Weds. so it has been crazy hectic and stressful to the max! I looked at pictures of me last year before May and I look at least 5 years younger. We are on a long difficult ride but we are on it as a family:-) Think of us. You don't think mental illness strikes children so young but it does.
Happier knittier stuff- I finished Vicki of Simple Knits and my bud's Cascading Leaf lace shawl and it was so wonderful. I loved it. I used some gorgeous fall colored Fleece Artist merino. I love this shawl and plan to use my Fleece Artist Silk at a later date.
I'm so close to finishing the Puffed Sleeve Cardi from Stephanie Japel's fitted knits it is insane! I love this and made a few simple mods but it was a great fun knit.
I ordered some light blue silky wool to do the Tangled yoke cardi from IK and hopefully next week it will come and I can cast on for that. I put Katherine Hepburn cardi on hold and Mina's little fair isle cardi on hold until the whirl wind slows down but both will be done by the new year!
I am so looking forward to michigan Fiber Fest. I promise to post with pics next week. I know but I mean it really!!!

The Spinning Wheel
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