Sunday, October 22, 2006

What I've been doing

This is sad. I am doing so many things but loving it! This is a picture of my "active" wips please don't ever ask to see the inactive ones. I just don't even want to know myself!

Okay, clockwise from top left- handspun self designed icelandic/shetland cardi, on top of the cardi is the morehouse rattler snake, next periwinkle swallowtail shawl with sheila ernst's needles, the We be pirates hat in sock yarn,Sivia Harding's angel pearls scarf in black ksh, Purse Paradise Diana bag in #8thread and size 11 sead beads, socks -my pattern- out of fleece artist, handspun top down raglan from Knit to spin-finally a great idea to use the not quite enough but good amount of handspun!!! That is a fun pattern.

Does this give you a head ache?

This is a picture of the most complete wip, the Diana bag. I'm so in love with knitting with thread and beads I can't wait til it's finished so I can co for the next one!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

long time no post

It's finished and blocking! It's been finished for two weeks but I haven't had time to block it. My handspun , Ann bud's sweater pattern(with lots of alterations and additions. I love it.

I also took a leap and knit something for one of my children, the ones that like me to knit for them but refuse to actually wear what I knit. I think that she will wear it purely for the panda buttons. This was a top down formula again my additions:-) And patons merino. I had no idea it was such a nice yarn!!
The Mystery stole may be done tonight. I picked up icelandic handspun sweater and am doing major redesign that will actually make it better. This will be the ultimate design feature ;-) This is an old picture I am almost up to the arm steeks! Yay!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's finished!! I haven't been able to blog because of computer problems but I've been a spinnin' and knittin'

The Spinning Wheel
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