Tuesday, November 07, 2006

darn blogger

Blogger will not download my pics! I download them and it says it is downloaded but then no picture shows up! Phooey!!! As soon as it will try to download the pics and post. i've been very busy!! I wanted to give you heads up on Romi's sale I bought a gorgeous pin for a freind and was lusting after one my self and then I found out Romi was having a sale!!! Check it out!!! http://www.designsbyromi.com/pages/sale.html

Blogger is now being cooperative here is a shadowy picture but you really can't appreciate Romi's pins until you hold one in your hand!

Houston, we have skulls!

I thought I'd post my progress. I finished the bag:-) One of the sweaters is almost finished and at the last minute I decided to cut(oh my!). My handspun flower basket is finished and we finally have skulls!

The bag took me all of two weeks. It is perle cotton size8 one bobbin and size 11 seed beeds one hank. The pattern is Diana from purse paradise.

The sweater is the forsythia(sp?) sweater from the spin to knit book with some changes. I did two by two ribbing and decided to cut it. Really people cutting is not that big a deal. I did not steek it so I just crochet steeked on either side of the middle purl two in the ribbing. Then I cut it. I did have my dear mil reinforce it with sewing because I was not using a sticky yarn like shetland. Now I'm on the hunt for buttons. The green is an Indigo moon batt(1lb) That I pushased at M$W. I am making my way through my puhases!! The red is called Kathmandu Aran and I am loving its tweedy goodness. Unfortunately the weather did not allow for a very good picture.

The flower basket is also a M$W purchase. It is Blue Moon fiber in merino tencel with matching glitz. This was my downfall. Suffice it to say glitz does not draft like merino tencel which does not make for a very even single!

The hat is the third try. I used Dale falk with size three needles and like the pattern called started with a provisional co so that I could later go back and do a hem. I cam out huge!! I wasn't totally loving the hem idea for a ten y/o boy anyways. Then I thought I don't want to knit this thing on ones so I should get sock yarn and it must be washable and it must be today. ( Those of you who have 10 y/o boys know that they go out play hard in the snow, get even wool soaked come in for hot chocolate and twenty minutes later want to go out. You need to be able to throw it in the dryer or buy fifty sets to make it through the day.) Stupid me bought Regia because that was all we got locally. It wasa too stingy and looked like lace one threes. All the while it is fermenting in my pea brain. I went back to the original yarn with the size threes but did a rib bottom on ones and everthing is dandy and on track.

Just please don't ask about the dreaded snake scarf...

The Spinning Wheel
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