Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm back!!!

I got a new camera for my fortieth birthday:-) So I'm trying it out. Excuse the sheepy pajama pics!

yay!! I finished Tangled yoke. It still needs to be blocked but this is going to get worn! It fits beautifully. I really loved knitting it. I'm on a serious Starmore kick right now too. I'm setting about collecting the books. I really want to get In the Hebrides and Pacific Coast Highway someday. I have no delusions of getting Scottish Collection;-) My newest purchase is Stillwater. I'm working on Rosarie right now which is only available as a kit from VY. I have collected the yarns and pattern for Mara which is my next up. Then I want to do Grapevine or some other textured pattern from Stillwater. The textured patterns in Stillwater have such delicacy and refinement!

The Spinning Wheel
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